Diet Drinks Better Than Water to Help Weight Loss? – don’t believe it!

aspartame-poison2The American Beverage Association and Coca-cola who funded this cute little study, (you can read it here… ) would have you believe that diet drinks with aspartame are better than water for weight loss. This was a 12 week treatment program with behavioral support and there was a difference in weight loss of 5.95 Kg compared to 4.09 Kg for the water group.  There were a total of 303 men and women enrolled. I have lost over 20 pounds in 12 weeks many times, so a few people like me in your diet drink group is all you would need to get these results regardless of what I was drinking!

I suspect this will be quoted as a reason to poison yourself with aspartame in the name of weight loss.  I also suspect these industry funded studies would not be reproducible if repeated by independent researchers.  The lead author and one other received consulting fees from Coca-Cola outside of this research.  

Another example of distorted science, motivated purely by greed and filled with deception.  HOW – on Gods Green Earth – can a poison like aspartame be better for you than water!

Please go into your fridge and cupboards and dump any remaining diet drinks, and promise never to buy them again.  Read the book “As Science Sleeps” by Woodrow Monte- nutrition scientist and professor emeritus at Arizona State for the truth about aspartame. Read here for more information… 




Dr. Paul






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