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Peace1Growth for a business is a great thing.  Personal growth is a great thing.  As families, we want our children to grow in knowledge, wisdom, personally and spiritually, and we seek to place our children in the right environments.  

This blog will start with discussing the growth at Integrative Pediatrics, and will end by encouraging you with ideas for each of us in our lives. We are temporarily closing the practice to new patients while we search for the right provider to add to our team. We will continue to accept new parents who are about to have a new baby.

As a Pediatrician with a passion for children, ten of my own, and a desire to provide a unique practice environment for you, our families, I opened Integrative Pediatrics in June 2008. We started with a core group of staff who were dedicated to the principles of Integrative Pediatrics and about 1000 patients who followed me from Westside Pediatrics where I had practiced for 14 years. We have grown to over 10,000 patients and added numerous key staff members.  I’m not going to list all our staff, but would encourage you to read their biographies here. Each of our providers is interested and knowledgeable in the principles of Integrative Medicine, open to listening and honoring parents wishes on issues like vaccinations, use of complementary and alternative medicine, and will guide you in your health care decisions with skill and compassion you won’t likely find elsewhere. 

We have been searching for the right provider to add to our team for months and have not yet found her or him.  I apologize to you, my patients who have at times struggled to get an appointment.  My staff has been urging me to close the practice but it was just a hard pill for me to swallow.  I made the decision early on that my desire was to help as many families as possible to find “safe passage in a changing world”.  We would grow as a practice to meet that need.  I was however, not willing to compromise and bring on providers who were not fully in support of our practice style and principles, with knowledge and understanding of the subtle nuances in areas like vaccination, nutrition, micronutrients, supplements, food sensitivities, environmental toxins, and so much more.  We will be adding a new provider as soon as the right person arrives. Dr Paul will very closely mentor this person, coming in after they have seen you at each visit until it is clear that is not needed.  Many of you had become accustomed to me doing that after you had seen my Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (PNP’s).  I am still available to do that but you already know that they provide care equal if not better to my own when it comes to well care and 99% of issues.  Thanks for trusting us.  By not needing to see me after you have seen Mallory or Cathy, you are freeing me up to spend that extra time with our new provider when they join the team. 

Thank you for your patience. Many of you may wish you got to see me (Dr. Paul) more often. Thank you for realizing that my team is unique and special, hand-picked, mentored, and will provide you with the same care if not better, than I would provide.  Our PNP’s have masters degrees in Pediatrics after a full bachelors in nursing degree and at Integrative Pediatrics, they are the experts in well-child care.  This was not only a major part of their training in school but is a major part of their work and they honestly do a better job than I, having more time to do a thorough job. Most labs, outside studies, consults, and advice given by nurses comes across my desk top and is reviewed by me.  My goal is thus to be available for the complex cases. I am aware that my availability has been limited lately.  I am working to change that. 

With daily blogs and weekly YouTube videos, I will bring you the most important education that is based on the latest  research articles, or issues of the day.  It would be impossible to spend the hours each day with each person to bring you all this information.  I recommend you subscribe to both the blogs and the YouTube videos, which can be easily done here…   

CHANGE – GROWTH: Expect it, Desire it.

Whether in your personal life or at work or in parenting, change and opportunities for growth can either be stressful or exciting, but change is the one thing you can count on in this world.  Many people resist change, struggling to maintain things as they are (the status quo). I prefer to embrace change, see it as essential in this rapidly changing world, and view change as an exciting opportunity to make things better, meet more needs, and to grow in knowledge and understanding.

Are you looking for ways to be better (a better parent, person, employee, or leader)?

Is your environment promoting and stimulating growth and change?  

If you are a leader, a business owner, or the head of an organization or family, consider that you can model enthusiasm for change and growth. It is best to always be learning, challenging yourself to grow and sharing that growth with your family, team,  or organization. Look for ways to challenge yourself. Always be learning and looking ahead so you are not just changing with the times but perhaps you are leading the change itself.

Are you in your comfort zone?  I recommend you get out of it!  Very few great ideas and important changes come from those staying in their comfort zone.  Do not fear failure, as it is only those who innovate and try new things, that get to fail, get up and try again, until they have achieved new and important change. This applies to all areas of our lives; parenting and children, work, recreation, and business.  Do remember to get your rest, sleep is the bodies important time to rejuvenate.  Don’t forget to relax and take some time off, as burn-out will slow your progress.

So in summary:  wake up excited, look for opportunities to grow, challenge yourself and don’t fear failure but rather see it as a badge honoring the fact that you are making effort.  The only way to fail is to do nothing. Surround yourself with others who are alive and changing and growing.

If health issues are making it difficult to live life to the fullest, please make healing your first priority.  If you have a great physician, be completely honest with them so they can help.  If you live in the Portland Oregon area, come and see us at Integrative Pediatrics  for your children (when we re-open the practice soon to new patients) or for adults visit us at Natura Integrative Medicine.


Dr. Paul


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