Dads- your alcohol intake is also causing brain damage in your unborn children!

drinking-with-dadWomen know that they should not drink alcohol while pregnant. Study after study has shown this and moderate to heavy drinkers really put their unborn child at high risk for devastating FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) with mental and emotional challenges for life for that child. This study shows that dads who drink alcohol may be altering the sperm in a way that results in developmental problems for their unborn children. If you are a normal, light social drinker who can take it or leave it, perhaps you should consider leaving it during the months before you are trying to conceive. Why not do everything you can to protect your children.  I certainly agree that dads should join forces with their wives and not drink during pregnancy.  It is very hard to tell your woman, “don’t drink – you will hurt the baby”, while drinking yourself.  For those dads that are horrified by the idea of “leaving it”, just fast forward to your children’s teen years when they will do as you do and not as you say.  It might be time to rethink the drinking life-style if parenting is the path you have chosen or find yourself in. 

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