Nano Silver and Colloidal Silver

silver coinsThe alternative medicine community has, in the past, touted the use of silver (colloidal or nano) for numerous ailments and to treat infections in particular. Silver has no known function in the body, thus one must think long and hard before introducing it into the human body.

The article in Environmental Health Perspectives “Nanosilver: Weighing the risks and Benefits” (you can read it here… ) was well referenced and informative. It seems the most likely valuable use (in small amounts for short periods of time) may be as a powerful anti-microbial.  The nano silver particles are small enough they may be able to enter all cells and cross the blood brain barrier, giving them far reaching possibilities for serious infection in the era of antibiotic-resistant organisms and untreatable viral infections. 

A nano silver gel called SilvrSTAT has known methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) killing ability within minutes and has been approved by the FDA for use in elder care centers to treat ulcers, surgical wounds, and grafted sites. 

There are concerns about how much nano silver is safe.  The NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) says very clearly that colloidal silver is not safe (read more… ). They add that colloidal silver can cause serious side effects. The most common is argyria, a bluish-gray discoloration of the skin, which is usually not treatable or reversible.

For a video illustrating argyria see here…

I reserve judgment on the use of silver in medicine.  I suspect careful use for certain infections may have an important role and this may be one of those preparations to go to when you cannot use antibiotics or they won’t or don’t work.



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  • Michele

    I’ve read that essential oils can also pass through the cell walls and cross the blood brain barrier. These seem like a healthier, more natural approach. What are your thoughts on using oils?

  • Strep No More

    This article seems to be missing something. I like to read about nanoparticles of silver which are the same as colloidal silver.

    I have used it for throat infections including strep (thus my name) eye infections, allergy relief and everytime it works, even my wife uses it but she was skeptical at first so I went ahead, did my homework and researched it and here it is:

    Go to Nanocomposix, Silverlivingtech or any other laboratory or manufacturer who actually makes it like them and you will see that not all colloidal silver is made the same.

    I know most people don’t care to read or do their homework and go find the correct info, so let me share a bit here.

    Colloidal silver is not natural it is made in a few different ways to achieve the nanoparticles’ size.
    Colloidal silver does work on bacteria, virus and other organisms but it does not cure 650 different things and it is not a cure all treatment.
    Colloidal silver has charged nanoparticles of silver which are actually ions because charged particles are called ions and in the case of metals they are called cations.
    I said it is not natural and its because in order for the nanoparticles to stay suspended in the water they need an electrical charge which if it happens in nature it would be very rare, otherwise we find it in nature.
    Colloidal silver has a color (this one is a bit more technical so look for those companies I mentioned for the explanation) the summary version is light hits the nanoparticles and we get their color and the color changes with the concentration of silver and the size of the nanoparticles.
    Size of the particles is important because different sizes act differently.
    and the list goes on.
    I do have Searle book and a few other books, you can google them and read them too, but if you don’t have the time or don’t want to, read what laboratory colloidal silver is and then make a smart decision about which one you are getting, otherwise you might end up like papa smurf who made it at home with his make-at-home kit.
    Best wishes to all!

    I don’t know if I am supposed to include the links, so just in case, here they are if I do:!characteristics/c104h

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