How To Increase Your Baby’s IQ, Flame Retardants and Pregnancy Can Lower IQ by 4.5 points!

Flame RetardantParents, what would you be willing to do to increase your babies IQ by 4.5 points?  How about 10-20 points (from average to brilliant)?

Most of us are trained to think that IQ (your intelligence) is fixed by your genes, your genetics right?  Well, I have news for you.  While there is an undeniable genetic influence, the environment is likely even more important than pure genetics.  The environment for high IQ means two things:

  1. Moms, get all your nutrients before and while pregnant (organic fruits and vegetables, prenatal vitamins with iodine, methyl folate, methyl-B12, vit D).
  2. Avoid toxins, endocrine disruptors, and stress. 


The avoid toxins task is one that is becoming more and more difficult, but we simply must make the effort.  The article “Prenatal Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether exposures and neurodevelopment in US children through age 5 years: the HOME study“, published May 2014 showed that a 10-fold increase in PBDE’s while pregnant had a 4.5 point decrease in IQ. Read the study here… Where are the most PBDE’s (flame retardants)? Furniture, carpet padding, car seats, and electronics. Generally, the newer the item (think new car smell), the greater the off-gassing and hence the greater the exposure. Would it be worth putting off buying that new car or installing a new carpet?


That’s the same story we had for lead exposures back in the 1960’s and 1970’s before lead was phased out of gasoline. Now, imagine these losses for just a couple toxins.  We have hundreds of neurotoxic compounds in our world today.  Do you think it makes sense to make a real effort to minimize them?


Eat organic and GMO-free foods, drink filtered water, and avoid direct contact with household cleaners and all pesticides and herbicides. Don’t buy, use or store in your home any of these toxins.


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Your baby’s mind and your family’s future depends on you taking a few minutes a day to learn more and then implement some of the suggestions.  Sadly, our government won’t protect us, big companies make profit by selling all of the things that are robbing us of our IQ and health, and conflicts of interest in the scientific community will continue to publish junk science to convince you that these products and chemicals are safe.


Dr. Paul





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