Epigenetics: Nature or Nurture in the Womb

epigenetics2In the study, “The effect of genotype and in utero environment on inter-individual variation in neonate DNA methylomes” published 2014 in Genome research, researchers determined that epigenetics (how your genes respond to the environment) was responsible for 75% of the changes to genetic material with only 25% being directly inherited form the birth parents.

This means the quality of the environment in utero (in mom’s womb) has significant impact on health over a lifetime!  Methylation is key to health, (brain, heart, cancer risk – you name it) and this study looked at Variable Methylated Regions (VMR’s) in 237 neonates and found that neonate methylomes  had molecular memory, with 75% of it being influenced by the environment.  This means things like smoking, moms’ BMI, birth order, diet, lack of nutrients, obesity, stress, and depression can all have life-long impacts on the unborn child.  It also is a strong reason not to vaccinate while pregnant until more is known about the effects of such an action.


You can read the study here…


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