Vaccines During Pregnancy: What to do?

vaccineDuring the 2008-2009 H1N1 scare, we saw increases in deaths for pregnant women.  This resulted in the rush to vaccinate against the H1N1 with this strain being added to recommendations for pregnant women in the 2009-2010 year and that strain has now been a part of the flu vaccines since that time.  Prior to this we were not pushing flu vaccines to pregnant women. There has been a general understanding that pregnancy is a very special time when mom’s diet, medications, and environment should be as pure as possible to provide maximal safety in the womb. The idea of intentionally injecting anything foreign during pregnancy just was a known taboo.  So how did this experiment go?  The study (you can read it here… ) by Goldman looking at the VEARS government reports of fetal demise seems to show a huge increase suggesting this practice was not wise. 

As always, with any medical intervention, one must weigh risks and benefits.  In the midst of an epidemic that is causing increased deaths of pregnant women, we all would do almost anything to avoid harm to our pregnant moms. I think with regards to the flu shot during pregnancy, caution is advised.  

The 2013 new recommendation that pregnant women get the Tdap with it’s 330 micrograms of aluminum is just beyond comprehension. There have been no studies on the safety of injecting this huge dose of aluminum during pregnancy.  Just say No!  For more on this, see  my video on this here…  You can also read my recent blog on this here… 



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