New Hepatitis C Treatment– Near 100% Cure in Just 3 Months Without Interferon

hepatitis-cAbout 170 million people world-wide suffer form chronic Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) which untreated leads to liver cancer, liver failure, and an early death.  The infection is usually from shared needles with IV drug use, or a blood transfusion.  The initial viral infection of the liver can result in cold or flu like symptoms. Fatigue and ultimately yellow color of the skin can develop.


In the study “ABT-450/r-ombitasvir and Dasabuvir with or without Ribavirin for HCV”, there was nearly 100% cure rate after just 12 weeks with common side effects of fatigue, headache, and nausea but much less severe than past treatment with interferon.


If you suffer from Hepatitis C that is progressive and active, this may be an option soon.  I would vote for this if I had to treat Hepatitis C.  These were phase 3 trials so general availability may be limited for a time.  Ask your research institution or hepatologist or gastroenterologist to see if you can be included in a trial.


You can read the study here…


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