Preparing For Disasters- Being Ready Brings Spiritual and Emotional Well-Being and Life Satisfaction

Be PreparedThe article “Building resiliency: a cross-sectional study examining relationships among health-related quality of life, well-being and disaster preparedness” in the June 2014 issue of Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, touches on a sensitive subject.  I have never been one to dwell on the “what if” this or that happens or “the sky is falling”.  I do however have a sense that many of us around the world will, in our life-times, experience one or more disasters. If you live in a high risk area for weather events or a war torn area of the world, you likely have already experienced one or many disasters. 

Should you prepare for the unlikely?  This article and common sense would say yes. Clearly we each must prepare to the best of our abilities and finances, but I think it is more important to have a plan.  This study points out the following key aspects to that plan:

  1.       Have an evacuation plan- what you will take with you (most disasters are local), and where you will go and how you will get there.

  2.       Prepare an evacuation kit.


Listed below are the key aspects most “preppers” list as important in their evacuation kit:

   –        food and water

   –        family

   –        clothing

   –        outer wear (coats jackets)

   –        documents and identification, wallet/ purse

   –        medications, medical supplies and devices

   –        footwear

   –        cell phone, batteries, radio (battery operated)

   –        blankets, insulation , sleeping bags

   –        pets and their food


What having this simple plan in place does for you, based on this study, is give you increased sense of well-being, spiritual well-being, and life satisfaction.  


Luck favors the prepared, right?


I would add that in addition to being prepared, live your life as if all will be well.  Usually, life does have much more joy and happiness for those who live in a manner that is joyful, surviving  others, in community with others and connected to your higher power.  For those unfamiliar with being connected to a source of power that is greater than you are, consider as a start just that you are not that source.  In times of trouble, we can often find solace in the connectedness we have to our source.  If we are spiritual beings having a human experience, then it is these times of stress and distress that often challenge us to get in touch with our spiritual nature.  

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Dr. Paul

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