Short Burst Exercise Before Meals Reduces Insulin Resistance and Type-2 Diabetes

sugarExercise before meals can help control glycemic control for those with insulin resistance.

With 2/3 of us overweight in the USA and 1/3 of us obese, there is no question most of us are suffering from insulin resistance.  This is a situation where a normal amount of glucose, refined flour, or sugars will result in an exaggerated response in insulin secretion, which leads to greater storage of fat.  It makes it near impossible to lose weight unless we significantly restrict our intake of  refined and processed carbohydrates.

The study in Diabetologia, May 2014, “ ‘Exercise snacks’ before meals: a novel strategy to improve glycaemic control in individuals with insulin resistance” presents a fascinating study.  Those who did six one minute intense (heart rate to 90% of maximum) intervals before each meal, had sustained better glycemic control compared to those who did a moderate intensity (60% of heart rate max.) for 30 minutes after dinner.


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