Should You Eat Peanuts While Pregnant?– YES

AA026294Several studies the past few years have shown that earlier feeding of infants starting by 4 months, reduces allergies.  The question often comes up about peanuts, since we seem to be seeing more and more peanut allergies, and that can be severe.  The study seen here… looked at 8,205 children of moms who were not themselves allergic to peanuts or tree nuts. They compared moms who ate nuts more than 5 times a month compared to those eating them less than once a month.  Children whose moms ate more nuts were about 1/3 as likely to develop nut allergies. 

Mom’s, if you are allergic to nuts, don’t eat them.  If, however, you are not allergic to nuts, not only are a variety of nuts good for you providing a varied source of healthy fats and protein but you can lower your unborn child’s risk of developing nut allergies by eating them at least once a week  while pregnant. 


Dr. Paul




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