More Coffee, Less Diabetes

Icoffeef you are an adult and wondering if you should give up your daily coffee, maybe not so fast. The study found here… followed over 100,000 men and women and compared dietary histories with a 4 year follow-up incidence of type-2 diabetes.

During 1.7 million person-years of follow-up there were 7,269 cases of type-2 diabetes. Those who increased their coffee consumption by more than a cup a day had an 11% lower risk of type-2 diabetes, those who decreased coffee intake by more than a cup a day had a 17% higher risk for type-2 diabetes.  Changes in tea consumption were not associated with a change in diabetes risk.

This benefit from coffee was only for regular coffee, not with de-caffeinated coffee.

A word of caution-  Too much caffeine is dangerous.  See my previous blogs on this topic as relates to energy drinks and caffeine



Dr. Paul



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