Tackling the Opioid-Overdose Epidemic

opiatesThe study “Medication-assisted therapies – tackling the opioid-overdose epidemic” highlights an underserved population in America and world. You can read the study here…


The rate of death from overdoses of prescription opiates in the United States more than quadrupled between 1999 and 2010. In 2010, prescription opiates were involved in 16,651 deaths, representing 82% of all opioid deaths and far exceeding the 3036 heroin deaths.  This has been my experience in my addiction practice, although the change in formulation of Oxycontin to a paste that is hard to abuse (snort or shoot up), and the cheap heroin flooding the market the past few years has had an affect as well.  In Portland, Oregon, we are seeing a huge rise in heroin use and deaths.

Opiates should be used for acute pain.  They are wonderful after major surgery for short-term pain management.  For chronic pain, you are guaranteed the development of dependence or addiction. Once addicted or dependent, the suffering experienced when trying to get off the opiates is too much for most people and good people are lost in the cycle of withdrawal, seeking relief with opiates only to build more dependence, and so on.

One great solution is medication-assisted therapy (MAT).  This typically involves suboxone (Buprenorphine), naltrexone (vyvitrol), or methadone.

Naltrexone works by blocking the opiate receptors and thus the dependent person cannot get the pleasurable effects from the opiate.  The problem with that is they feel so hopeless, with anxiety and depression escalating that most won’t stay with that therapy, and it carries a risk of severe depression and suicide.

For the methadone approach, most are familiar with methadone clinics. These are government-funded clinics where the physicians are compensated by the numbers of patients they are “helping”.  I know a lot of these physicians personally and they are well-intentioned, and subscribe to the theory of harm reduction.  It goes like this: if I can get you on a really high dose of methadone, your opiate receptors will be flooded and full and there will be no additional benefit from using. This can reduce needle sharing and reduce HIV and Hep C transmission, thus reducing harm.

The sad truth about methadone programs like these is that these patients are hardly healthy, nor to they have hope for a better future.  Over time, such high doses of opiates will shut off the pituitary, reducing other hormones like testosterone, leading to depression, anxiety, loss of libido and erectile function, and general worsening of health.  This is hardly reduction of harm in my mind. 

I am a board-certified addictionologist, with a strong belief in guiding those who have become opiate dependent to a life free of opiates.  It can take as many years as you were using to get you back to normal, but it can be done.  Buprenorphine (Suboxone or Zubsolv) are partial agonists and partial antagonists of the opiate receptors.  They will give a partial opiate effect so you don’t go into withdrawal, but you won’t get “high” (unless you take these when you are not an opiate addict or dependent person). The other advantage is you cannot overdose on these medications and while you are taking them, if you do relapse on pure opiates they will have no effect.  That is actually only partially true.  The plan is to gradually wean the dose of the Buprenorphine and at the lowest doses, it no longer blocks enough of the opiate receptors and one could get “high”.

The epidemic of prescription-opioid overdose is complex. Greater access to MATs is crucial. Doctors also must avoid inappropriate prescribing of opioid analgesics.   Physicians can reduce unnecessary opioid prescribing, by routinely checking data from prescription-drug monitoring programs to identify patients who may be misusing opiates.

If you know someone who may have become addicted or dependent on opiates, help them find an addiction specialist who can help them taper off of the opiates.  It can take 6 to 18 months to taper slowly.  A rapid taper is often followed by relapse.

I run a clinic called “Fair Start” for ages 30 and under who need to taper off of opiates.  Contact us if you need our help.


 You can also visit the National Institute on Drug Abuse website to learn more here…



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How To Increase Your Baby’s IQ, Flame Retardants and Pregnancy Can Lower IQ by 4.5 points!

Flame RetardantParents, what would you be willing to do to increase your babies IQ by 4.5 points?  How about 10-20 points (from average to brilliant)?

Most of us are trained to think that IQ (your intelligence) is fixed by your genes, your genetics right?  Well, I have news for you.  While there is an undeniable genetic influence, the environment is likely even more important than pure genetics.  The environment for high IQ means two things:

  1. Moms, get all your nutrients before and while pregnant (organic fruits and vegetables, prenatal vitamins with iodine, methyl folate, methyl-B12, vit D).
  2. Avoid toxins, endocrine disruptors, and stress. 


The avoid toxins task is one that is becoming more and more difficult, but we simply must make the effort.  The article “Prenatal Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether exposures and neurodevelopment in US children through age 5 years: the HOME study“, published May 2014 showed that a 10-fold increase in PBDE’s while pregnant had a 4.5 point decrease in IQ. Read the study here… Where are the most PBDE’s (flame retardants)? Furniture, carpet padding, car seats, and electronics. Generally, the newer the item (think new car smell), the greater the off-gassing and hence the greater the exposure. Would it be worth putting off buying that new car or installing a new carpet?


That’s the same story we had for lead exposures back in the 1960’s and 1970’s before lead was phased out of gasoline. Now, imagine these losses for just a couple toxins.  We have hundreds of neurotoxic compounds in our world today.  Do you think it makes sense to make a real effort to minimize them?


Eat organic and GMO-free foods, drink filtered water, and avoid direct contact with household cleaners and all pesticides and herbicides. Don’t buy, use or store in your home any of these toxins.


Stay tuned and subscribe to these blogs to get the latest research on these topics. Search through my educational videos at www.drpaulvideos.com 


Your baby’s mind and your family’s future depends on you taking a few minutes a day to learn more and then implement some of the suggestions.  Sadly, our government won’t protect us, big companies make profit by selling all of the things that are robbing us of our IQ and health, and conflicts of interest in the scientific community will continue to publish junk science to convince you that these products and chemicals are safe.


Dr. Paul





Epigenetics: Nature or Nurture in the Womb

epigenetics2In the study, “The effect of genotype and in utero environment on inter-individual variation in neonate DNA methylomes” published 2014 in Genome research, researchers determined that epigenetics (how your genes respond to the environment) was responsible for 75% of the changes to genetic material with only 25% being directly inherited form the birth parents.

This means the quality of the environment in utero (in mom’s womb) has significant impact on health over a lifetime!  Methylation is key to health, (brain, heart, cancer risk – you name it) and this study looked at Variable Methylated Regions (VMR’s) in 237 neonates and found that neonate methylomes  had molecular memory, with 75% of it being influenced by the environment.  This means things like smoking, moms’ BMI, birth order, diet, lack of nutrients, obesity, stress, and depression can all have life-long impacts on the unborn child.  It also is a strong reason not to vaccinate while pregnant until more is known about the effects of such an action.


You can read the study here…


Dr. Paul




HPV Vaccine: Gardasil- Should Your Child Get It?

no-gardasil1Parents, you are undoubtedly seeing ads on TV about the importance of your daughters and now sons getting the HPV vaccine Gardasil.  There are over 100 strains of HPV, and Gardasil covers the two main strains that cause cervical cancer (16 and 18 reportedly cause about 2/3 of the cervical cancer) and types 6 and 11 which are thought to cause 90% of the anogenital warts. The quadrivalent vaccine Gardasil, made by Merck, has all four of these covered. Perfect, right?

Not so fast.  It seems that no single vaccine has resulted in more adverse events reported to VAERS than all the rest of the vaccines combined!  There is something very wrong with this vaccine.  Presented in complete form at the end of this blog are tables from the government web site VAERS that show all of the vaccine adverse events reported.  

For all vaccines combined from 2006 to May 2014 in ages 0-17, there were 558 deaths, but only 59 of these were in the age group 6-17.  There were 29 deaths from Gardasil, usually given after age 11 so it is clear that in that age range, Gardasil contributes to about half the deaths, likely more than all the rest of the vaccines combined. Adverse events from vaccines jumped significantly when Gardasil was added to the vaccine schedule in 2006. 

Two independent research labs, SaneVax Inc. and a virology lab in Paris, have found viral DNA fragments of HPV-11, HPV-16, and HPV-17 attached to the aluminum adjuvant in all samples tested. 

Last year, Japan removed it’s recommendation for children to get the HPV vaccine, after noting over 2000 adverse reactions and hundreds of serious reactions.  Israel is questioning the safety of Gardasil, and Utah’s SW health department has banned Gardasil citing that the risks outweigh any benefits, and that it is eroding the publics trust in vaccines. I have included links at the bottom of this post for you to learn more about each of these event.

Given the problematic assumptions that this vaccine will reduce cervical cancer (no studies were done long enough to determine if this is the case as Gardasil was only studied for 5 years), and the tremendous volume of serious side effects, I would not give this vaccine to my children until more is known and long term studies are done.  The population of the United States is the current ongoing study- without informed consent I might add, and the study is not going well. 

Vaccination of every 11 and 12 year old in the US with three doses of Gardasil in order to attend school will cost 1.5 billion.  Since the effectiveness seems to only last 5 years, it will cost much more to keep immunity when you really need it. If you add up the cost of the vaccines and the cost to our families from the deaths and disability caused by this vaccine, I see no justification for it’s use. 

Parents, if you decide to do this one, at least be prepared for death or disability, so that when that happens you went into it informed (informed consent).  If your doctor is not telling you these facts, then you are not getting informed consent and that constitutes deception and coercion.

The table below first shows adverse events from all vaccines then adverse events for Gardasil from VAERS:



Found 461544 cases in entire database



Year of Appearance Count Percent
1990 2153 0.47%
1991 9995 2.17%
1992 10814 2.34%
1993 10303 2.23%
1994 10344 2.24%
1995 10257 2.22%
1996 11187 2.42%
1997 11617 2.52%
1998 10795 2.34%
1999 13013 2.82%
2000 14945 3.24%
2001 14632 3.17%
2002 15281 3.31%
2003 18092 3.92%
2004 16517 3.58%
2005 17453 3.78%
2006 19338 4.19%
2007 30828 6.68%
2008 33382 7.23%
2009 37074 8.03%
2010 36647 7.94%
2011 31236 6.77%
2012 32230 6.98%
2013 36372 7.88%
2014 7039 1.53%
TOTAL 461544 100%



Year of Vaccination Count Percent
1991 1 0%
1994 1 0%
2000 1 0%
2001 1 0%
2002 2 0.01%
2003 4 0.01%
2004 2 0.01%
2005 4 0.01%
2006 809 2.58%
2007 6134 19.53%
2008 5116 16.29%
2009 3117 9.92%
2010 2036 6.48%
2011 2032 6.47%
2012 2692 8.57%
2013 2815 8.96%
2014 349 1.11%
Unknown 6298 20.05%
TOTAL 31414 100%




Deaths form Gardasil from 2006 to May 2014:

Events Reported
Percent (of 48)
6-17 years 29 60.42%
18-29 years 17 35.42%
30-39 years 1 2.08%
Unknown 1 2.08%
Total 48 100.00%



Deaths from all vaccines 2006 to May 2014

Events Reported
Percent (of 897)
< 6 months 355 39.58%
6-11 months 56 6.24%
1-2 years 75 8.36%
3-5 years 13 1.45%
6-17 years 59 6.58%
18-29 years 48 5.35%
30-39 years 16 1.78%
40-49 years 26 2.90%
50-59 years 37 4.12%
60-64 years 31 3.46%
65+ years 174 19.40%
Unknown 7 0.78%
Total 897 100.00%

 These tables come from The National Vaccine Information Center. You can read more here…

Read more about the contaminates found within the Gardasil vaccine here…

Learn more about Japan pulling Gardasil from their vaccine schedule here…

Read aout Utah’s decision to discontinue administering Gardasil here…

Search for yourself at the CDC’s database. You will need to set up an account but will have access to the CDC data. Find it here…



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