Vitamin E In The Oil You Use- It Does Matter Which Oil You Use For Cooking. Beware Of Canola, Soybean, and Corn Oils.

veggie oilIn the study, “The vitamin E isoforms alpha-tocopherol and gamma-tocopherol have opposite associations with spirometric parameters: The CARDIA study”, May 2014,  it was found that increasing consumption of supposedly healthy canola, soybean, and corn oils lead to rising inflammation of the lungs and possible asthma.

In the USA, the average blood levels of gamma-tocopherol is more than 4 times higher than those of European and Scandinavian countries that use mostly sunflower and olive oil.

In this study, they examined 4,526 individuals from the CARDIA (Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults) study. They found that high levels of gamma-tocopherol (10 micro molar in the blood) was associated with a 10-17% reduction in lung function.  Imagine trying to be an elite athlete, or this magnitude of reduction for someone already suffering from asthma or other lung disorders.  

Take home: Avoid canola, soy, and corn oils.  In the USA, these of course are also all GMO oils – undoubtedly the issue if you ask me! If this study had looked at organic use of these oils, there may be a different outcome.  Corn oil is one of the better oils for high heat stir fry as most other oils break down at high heats releasing carcinogens and destroying the beneficial properties of the oils. In general high heat destroys the beneficial properties of oils.  It is best to use cold pressed organic forms, and add them after cooking or to fresh produce/ salads.


You can read the study here…



Dr. Paul

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