Flax Seeds (ground) Reduce Blood Pressure (hypertension) and Prevent Blood Clots (stroke)

Flax SeedFlax seeds are my number one recommendation for a vegetarian source of Omega-3 fatty acids.  For those wanting to minimize fish consumption due to the very high levels of toxins in fish, flax is your best bet. You need 10 times as much flax oil as fish oil to get the same amount of DHA, the fatty acid our brains need, so sprinkle it on everything you can.  A couple tablespoons a day would be fine.

In a couple studies (you can see Study A and Study B here) giving 30 grams of flax seeds a day for 6 months resulted in lowering the blood pressure systolic by 10 points and diastolic by 7 points.  This is HUGE!  Take a food that is good for you instead of a medication!  The flax group also had significantly lower oxylipins which are the toxic compounds formed when PUVA’s (Polyunsaturated fatty acids) become oxidized. Since oxylipins have been linked to arterial wall damage, thrombosis, and hypertension, this natural food should be a no brainer!

Keep your organic flax seeds in the freezer in a sealed container, grind daily the amount for that day and use it often.  Flax seeds have a slight nutty flavor and go well with oatmeal, on salads or really could be added after cooking to most anything. (Don’t cook the ground flax seeds).

For an adorable and informative video on the use of flax by Naturopath Dr Erica Zelfand, physician at Natura Integrative Medicine, click here…

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