Does your wireless device exposure cause oxidative stress and brain damage? YES!

cell phonesThe explosion of wireless devices and low level microwave radiation exposure raises the question of safety.  There have been conflicting studies, although you need to expect that the industry that could be negatively harmed by information that these devices are dangerous will be vigorously publishing studies to show no danger.

The study, (Read Here… ) “Effect of low level microwave radiation exposure on cognitive function and oxidative stress in rats”, April 2013, certainly spells out the real nature of the biological effects.  The exposed rats were exposed to 900 MHz for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week for 30 days. Results showed significant impairment of cognitive function and oxidative stress, evidenced by increased MDA (marker of lipid oxidation) and protein carbonyl (marker of protein oxidation) in the blood.  There was clearly physiologic oxidative stress. 

Just published in May 2014, “Increased DNA oxidation (8-OHdG) and protein oxidation (AOPP) by low level electromagnetic field (2.45 GHz) in rat brain and protective effect of garlic.” Read Here…


“Results: Exposure to low level of EMF increased 8-OHdG level in both plasma and brain tissue whereas it increased AOPP level only in plasma. Garlic prevented the increase of 8-OHdG level in brain tissue and plasma AOPP levels.”


A review that can be read here… , “Human disease resulting from exposure to electromagnetic fields”, by Carpenter 2013. “This review summarizes the evidence stating that excessive exposure to magnetic fields from power lines and other sources of electric current increases the risk of development of some cancers and neurodegenerative diseases, and that excessive exposure to RF radiation increases risk of cancer, male infertility, and neurobehavioral abnormalities. The relative impact of various sources of exposure, the great range of standards for EMF exposure, and the costs of doing nothing are also discussed.”


Parents, wait as long as you can before giving your child a cell phone. Minimizing it’s use, especially of the phone to ear use that increases the exposure, would be important.


More data will emerge, but caution would be wise.  


Dr. Paul


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