Pertussis Vaccine for Every Pregnancy


Prego and ShotACIP: Give Pertussis Vaccine During Every Pregnancy. JAMA November 21, 2012 – Vol 308, No 19


This article in JAMA states: “All women should be vaccinated with the combined tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (Tdap) vaccine during each pregnancy, regardless of whether they have been previously vaccinated, recommends the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee for Immunizations Practices (ACIP)”.  They point out: “the CDC reports the United States is on track to have the most reported pertussis cases since 1959, with more than 32,000 cases already reported, including 16 pertussis deaths, the majority of whom were infants, according to the CDC.”

What is tragic, in my opinion, is the total disregard of the toxic amount of aluminum being injected into a pregnant woman’s body when she is carrying an unborn child whose developing brain is at it’s most vulnerable state. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set an upper limit of 5 micrograms Al/kg/day for neonates and individuals with impaired kidney function. (Poole, R.L.; Hintz, S.R.; Mackenzie, N.I.; Kerner, J.A., Jr. Aluminum exposure from pediatric parenteral nutrition: meeting the new FDA regulation. J. Parenter. Enteral. Nutr. 2008 32, 242–246). 

It is hard to imagine any dose of aluminum that would be acceptable or safe for the unborn child.  The Dtap contains 330 micrograms (Daptacel) or 625 micrograms (Infanrix) and the Tripedia while having 170 micrograms of aluminum also has a trace of mercury.  If the unborn child weighed a pound (0.5 Kg) then the maximum dose of aluminum would be 5 X 0.5 = 2.5 micrograms.  These vaccines represent 68-250 times the maximum dose of a known neurotoxin and really no one can even say that any dose would be safe given that the unborn child does not have a blood brain barrier to provide protection to the brain.

The article found here… outlines extensive evidence linking aluminum to autism. 

This newest recommendation from the CDC has the potential benefit of preventing a handful of deaths from pertussis, and the potential harm of causing thousands if not hundreds of thousands or millions of brain damaged, poisoned children.  While I am absolutely in favor of vaccinating against pertussis and doing everything possible to prevent even one child from dying of this vaccine preventable disease, this can probably be achieved by vaccinating moms right after giving birth, vaccinating all care givers, and following the usual vaccine schedule for pertussis that gives the first dose at 2 months of age. We need a vaccine policy that considers both the benefits and the risks. Parents need informed consent prior to each vaccine as this is a procedure.  I think very few mom’s would allow the injection of a known neurotoxin into their bodies while pregnant if the full facts were shared. We need to put back common sense into our vaccine schedule. This latest recommendation is perhaps the greatest experiment in the injection of toxic doses of aluminum to an entire population of pregnant moms our country has ever seen.  When rates of neurological disease and autism climb even higher, will they make the connection?  We are at 1 in every 88 or 1 in every 100 at this time.  Do we need to get to 1 in every 10 before the experts make the connection or does every child born in our great country need to be damaged?


Dr. Paul

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