Oregon Gets to Vote in November on GMO Labeling- Let’s Get it Right!

Monsanto1Congratulations to the voters of Jackson County, Oregon.  They voted nearly 2 to 1 to ban the cultivation of genetically modified crops in their county, overcoming out-of-state spending by Monsanto and Syngenta that amounted to $10 per registered voter.  Monsanto and out-of-State big business like the Grocery Manufacturers Association will spend a fortune to mis-inform Oregonians.  Don’t fall for it.

There is no reason in the world we should not have the choice to buy non-GMO food.  The only way we can make that choice is to insist on GMO labeling. The health of our children and generations to come, depend on our ultimate elimination of the pesticides and herbicides that are used in association with GMO foods, and the unknown long term health effects of GMO foods in general.

Next up: Voters in the state of Oregon will build on this momentum and vote on statewide labeling of foods containing GMOs in November.
Help pass along the GMO Labeling Initiative.
Will you sign the petition and help make your Oregon a leader in the food movement?
Click here to request a petition or download an e-petition.
The people of Oregon are taking leadership for the right to know. We are on the new front line of the food revolution.
What happens in Oregon will have huge national and global implications. That is why Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) are already assembling their war chest, trying to deal a lethal blow to the movement for GMO labeling.
And that’s why our voice matters.


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Dr. Paul

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