Homeopathy- Undeniable Value

homeopathyI recall some of my MD colleagues putting down homeopathy as if it were witchcraft, non-sense. Being trained at Dartmouth Medical School in the 1980’s, I certainly had no formal training in this form of medicine. As I have looked at the peer reviewed literature, it has become clear that this form of medicine has a place.  There are hundreds of peer reviewed articles (I give links to some below) available.  In the area of allergies, I have found homeopathy to be especially helpful.  The most recent study published on homeopathy for coughs and colds used the most rigorous standards (double blind, placebo controlled) and showed benefits in cough symptoms and mucous viscosity using the homeopathic over the placebo. 

We do carry a limited supply of homeopathic medicines at our office including a homeopathic cough syrup. 

Homeopathic medicine for acute cough in upper respiratory tract infections and acute bronchitis: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Research Article Bibliography (By Year)


I am grateful to the National Center for Homeopathy for bringing together the resources parents, patients, and probationers might need:

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If you wanted one place to get access to the world’s literature on homeopathy, gratitude to Dr Nancy Malik and her links that can be accessed here…:


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