Questioning Dogma Is a Doctors Duty

processed foodsIt is my patients who, over the years, have provided the experience and details that lead me to challenge so many of the firmly held dogmas that abound in medicine today. When you challenge a dogma (the status quo, the accepted understanding on a health issue) you are immediately seen as a threat and as either ignorant or a “quack”. I’ve experienced this over and over in my career:

  • Vaccines are safe! 
  • Probiotics have no place in medicine!  
  • H. pylori is not the cause of stomach ulcers!  
  • Mercury in vaccines is safe!
  • Aspartame is safe!
  • Aluminum in vaccines is safe!
  • Just eat your fruits and vegetables and you won’t need any supplements!
  • The best way to stay healthy is to follow the guidelines of the CDC, the AMA, the AAP etc. !
  • Cholesterol is the cause of heart disease!
  • Statins will lower your risk of heart disease, stroke and over-all mortality!


Pharmaceutical companies make their profits from the sale of their drugs and vaccines. Physicians are recruited to do their research, and to give lectures about their research and products. The better you as a physician can speak the message the company wishes to get out, the faster you will rise to the top of the food chain in research dollars, speaking engagement,s and membership on decision making committees.  

There is little to no money to be made from natural approaches, like eating organic whole-foods, avoiding toxins, and carefully assessing and supplementing your nutritional deficiencies.  Yet this is where the lion’s share of health benefits will come from. 

I encourage my patients to ask why, what would happen if I didn’t do this test or take this drug or follow your advice, doctor?  You see, often the best course of action may be to do nothing.  Too often doctors must make a diagnosis, that’s how we get paid and then the reflex is to reach for the prescription pad. How about some good old fashioned common sense advice?  Eat healthy, avoid pesticides, GMO’s, aspartame, and highly refined foods. Perhaps just avoid anything in a box, jar, or can while you are at it.  Radical health in today’s world requires a simple but radical approach.

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Dr. Paul


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