Websites That Support and Promote Healthy, Local Farming and Food

FarmersMarketsSustainable agriculture, eating organic, non-GMO, fresh, nutrient-rich food is the missing link for most Americans and the challenge is now spreading around the world as big business agriculture takes over more and more of the world’s food production.  Parents, it is your number one job to learn how to feed your family in a way that minimizes the toxins (GMO, pesticides, herbicides, aspartame, and nano-particles) and maximizes the nutrients.  It is becoming increasingly important that you shop for local organic non-GMO food. 

“Why should I worry?” you might ask.  Do you know anyone suffering from obesity, weight challenges, diabetes, anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, asthma, eczema, MS, fatigue …need I go on?  These are all conditions that are epidemic the past few decades and increasing at alarming rates.  It’s almost always toxins and lack of nutrients.

At Integrative Pediatrics we have the ability to determine (through testing) which nutrients your child is missing, and which toxins are being excreted at excessive levels suggesting a need for you to change their environment or diet.  

Here are a few links to resources that you may find helpful:

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

Weston A. Price Foundation

Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance

Eat Wild

Local Harvest

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service

Organic Consumers Association


For a long list of organizations, see here…


For an appointment to have your child’s nutritional status or toxin profile checked, visit  or call the office at 503-643-2100

Dr. Paul

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