Genetic Link Found for Colorectal Cancer- Avoid Processed Meat, and Eat Your Fiber, Fruits, and Vegetables

fruitandveggiesIf you have a family history of colorectal cancer, this article is for you. If you don’t, this article is still for you. “Why would I want to know if I carry a genetic risk for cancer,” you might ask? So you can take steps to reduce your risk, and you can reduce it significantly! The benefits of fruits and vegetables in reducing this cancer are so great that we all should take note and head for the produce section of the grocery store or to our local farmers market.
This study looked at over 9,000 colorectal cancer cases and over 9,000 controls, and tested about 2.7 million genetic variants for colorectal cancer and their interactions with diet. They found strong evidence for a gene-diet interaction and colorectal cancer risk for those eating processed meat if they have the genetic variant rs4143094 on chromosome 10p14 near the gene GATA3. Red meat and processed meat increased the risk while eating fruits, vegetables, and fiber decreased the risk of colorectal cancer.
With colorectal cancer being the third most common cancer and third leading causes of cancer death for both women and men across most ethnic groups, the ability to significantly reduce your risk of death from this cancer should be welcomed news. Previous research has shown that we should avoid burnt (charred, think BBQ) meat, and now I would add that we avoid processed meats, and PLEASE, eat more fruits and vegetables.
Now most of us don’t know if we carry this gene polymorphism (genetic glitch), but whether you know or not, why not play it safe and minimize (avoid at all cost) processed meats, and eat fruits and vegetables like our lives depended on them.

You can read the study here…



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