Autism Awareness Month- Did You Know That Crimes Were Committed While Getting Vaccines Declared Safe?

AustismAwarenessWe are in the middle of Autism awareness month.  Most people are not aware of the dirty secret that surrounds all of the “vaccines are safe” studies. The principle researcher, Poul Thorsen has been indicted on multiple counts of fraud and money laundering.  The studies are almost all from Denmark, where by law, researchers are not allowed to share their raw data for review, and by law, they cannot share the data lost from those groups excluded in any given study. Below is the link to the SafeMinds post on Poul Thorsen, the principal investigator for the Danish Autism Studies and his indictment for 22 counts of wire fraud and money laundering.

I posted earlier how studies in Denmark do not have to disclose the original data, thus data can be manipulated and excluded until you get the results you want. You can read that older blog of mine here.  Knowing this, and knowing that our CDC was paying millions to a criminal investigator, should nullify the results from these studies, and we thus must take a fresh new look at the safety of vaccines, and especially the potential link to autism.

I am not against vaccines, just in search of safer ways to protect our vulnerable children without triggering autism or poisoning them with aluminum.  We simply must put vaccine safety as first priority, or we will see autism rates continue to climb.  

Is it really so hard to believe that a vaccine industry that makes billions of dollars each year would not spend millions to get the results they want? If I were a vaccine company man, I would say that was marketing dollars well spent. Not to create this false sense of safety would almost certainly result in collapse of the product and perhaps the entire company. They are in a fight for survival, and doing rather well at the expense of the innocent millions.


For the SafeMinds full blog on this subject, read here…



Dr. Paul

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