Reduce Death By Cancer and Heart Disease By Eating Your Fruits and Vegetables

baby and vegiesHow many servings of fruits and vegetables is enough? How well do you want to be?  This study (read it here…) shows that the more you eat fruits and vegetables, the lower your risk of death from cancer and heart disease.  Want 10% protection; eat 1-3 servings a day. For 20-30% protection, eat 5 servings, and for over 40% protection eat 7 servings a day of fruits and vegetables each day.

Vegetables were most protective, and canned or frozen fruits actually increased your mortality.   You might ask, “Why would that be?”  Fruits have a higher gylcemic index and this results in greater insulin production which is a known risk for heart disease and weight gain.  Canned fruits in particular, but frozen to some extent, lose a lot of their nutrients and especially in the case of canned fruits, there is increased methanol produced the longer the fruit is in a can. Methanol is converted to formaldehyde in our bodies, see the book “While Science Sleeps” here, and formaldehyde is perhaps one of the worse cancer causing agents known to man.

This study looked at over 65,000 people in England over the age of 35, from the years
2001-2008.  This is a great start in research that should focus more on the benefits of nutrients, the key to our health.  We need more studies like this, and to look at the effects of good nutrition (fruits and vegetables) while pregnant on off-spring.  

As I’ve started looking at nutrient deficiencies in children and adults, I find close to 99% of us have nutritional deficiencies at the cellular level.  When illness takes you to the doctor, this is the result of years if not decades of progressive deterioration of your health and wellness.  It is a direct result of toxins in your world (water, food, air) and lack of nutrients (poor diet).  The reliance of the modern world on fast food, prepared food, and convenience is taking us farther and farther from food in it’s natural and nutritious state (whole food, the way it grows).  Our illness is not absence of whatever medication your doctor is putting you on.  That medication, in most cases, is treating a symptom and not the underlying cause of your condition.

Why not prevent the conditions and illnesses that will some day take us out, by eating organic fruits and vegetables? Eat fresh.



Dr. Paul


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