BPA and Infertility

BPAFreeBPA (think plastics) have been shown to be endocrine disruptors and cause a host of problems as you may have seen in my earlier blogs:

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This article published in the journal ‘Human Reproduction,” showed that increasing exposure to BPA caused:

· A decrease in the percentage of eggs that matured.

· An increase in the percentage of eggs that degenerated.

· An increase in the percentage of eggs that underwent spontaneous activation, the abnormal process when an egg acts as though it has been fertilized, even though it has not been.

As avoiding plastics becomes more and more difficult, and exposures become more severe, the chance our children will be able to have children will be reduced significantly.  We are not at a crisis point yet in this area, but this study should be a huge warning to do everything we can to avoid plastics (BPA especially).

You can read the study here…

Dr. Paul

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