CDC Releases Report: Autism Now Affects 1 in 68 as of 2010! What Can You Do?

autismrainbowToday, April 2nd, 2014, is autism awareness day.  April is Autism awareness month.  Just in time for that, the CDC has released data showing that 1 in 68 US children today have autism in some form when looking at 8 year olds. You can read their report here…  Regardless of the actual statistic, anyone with their eyes open and a shred of common sense knows that something terrible is going on here with our children’s brains.  Ask the grandparents alive today how many autism cases they remember when they were kids? ZERO.  Ask older pediatricians (nearing 60 or older) how many cases they remember back in the early 1980’s or before? Almost none!  

If your child may have autism or does have autism, or some other form of less than “normal” brain function, my heart goes out to you.  It is my passion to educate the world on what is going on and pointing families towards ways to help those suffering. Also, and very importantly, how to avoid this happening to you again with subsequent children. Children with autism almost always are highly intelligent, but that intelligence is not always accessible to them. Almost all children with autism get better to some degree.  There are things you can do to promote that process and speed up the recovery. Search autism on my blogs for some more information. So what can a parent or future parent do?

The list of potential causes of autism is a good start.  Clearly with toxins 1+ 1 + 1 may = 10 and we know babies are now exposed to numerous known neurotoxins in the womb, the first big hit.  Why on earth would we want to inject 170-330 micrograms of aluminum into pregnant moms, as is now being done starting in 2012 with the Tdap!? 

I have 10,000 active patients, 167 diagnosed with autism in the chart (more who wouldn’t let me use that label), 570 ADD or ADHD and a much lower rate than the 1 in 50, 1 in 67, or 1 in 100 that the literature is quoting. The rate in my office is much lower in patients who started with me.  Most of my autism cases joined my practice due to the unique approaches that help most of them get better.  Not all fully recover. 

 Out of the 1000 kids in my practice that are 3 years old, I have one with autism, and that one had a sibling with autism.   So what is the reason for the reduced numbers?

I suspect it is due to the following interventions in my practice:

1.      I counsel prenatal visits not to get the Tdap while pregnant.  That recommendation isn’t in my stats as it is new, but when the rate of ASD reaches 1 in 20 over the next 10-20 years, I suspect the Tdap while pregnant will be a big contributor. Other countries won’t see that as they are not giving the Tdap in pregnancy, yet.

2.      Don’t give the Hep B vaccine with it’s 250 micrograms of aluminum to newborns, 2 months olds, or 6 month old babies if mom is Hep B negative.

3.      Put pregnant moms on 5000 IU vitamin D and newborns on 1000 IU per day, starting at birth. 

4.      Encourage eating organic, GMO-free food and drinking filtered water.

5.      Don’t give the MMR until age 3 unless there is a local epidemic or travel to a high risk area.

6.      If at high risk for autism (sibling, parent, lots of auto-immune issues) don’t vaccinate or do so VERY  VERY slowly.

7.      At the first sign of any neurological issue, even reduced eye contact, stop vaccines, identify and avoid food sensitivities, determine nutrient deficiencies and replace them, review possible toxin exposures, and offer services. 

Now these are recommendations of what I would do if it were my wife or my child.  I do educate about the standard vaccine schedule and that the standard schedule is the “recommended schedule”.

Somehow we need someone with access to data to pull it out for us and compare fully vaccinated, partially-vaccinated and unvaccinated kids with similar risk factors, looking at rates of neurological challenges (ASD, ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc.).  With genetic information finally really becoming affordable and accessible, we should also be able to find out which SNP’s put you at greater risk and perhaps we can avoid triggering ASD, etc., by slowing down the vaccine schedule further for those at highest risk, e.g.  those with MTHFR.  There are also ways to support the biochemistry of those with particular risks.  
EXAMPLE: If you have MTHFR defect, supplementing B2, B3, B6, methyl-folate, methyl-B12, NAC will optimize methylation and minimize risks. 

Pesticides, herbicides, plastics, and other endocrine disrupters are all huge parts of this puzzle. Europe seems way ahead of us in protecting the environment and the population.  Sadly, will we need to have 90% of boys and 50% of girls poisoned before we pay attention to this?  At the rate we are going, that may only take a decade or two.  We won’t have generations to figure this out – this will bankrupt the USA and destroy our brain power. 

We have the science.  Where is the integrity in our leaders and the scientific community? 



Dr. Paul


  • Libby

    You are my new hero – thank you for being brave enough to say these things, and for truly caring for your patients!

  • Thank you for speaking out as a professional health care provider and pediatrician. Most do not. I don’t have a vaccine injured child or grandchild but I am a nurse who spends no less than ten hours per week reading and researching with a goal to make everyone I come in contact with stop and educate before they vaccinate. If I could change one thing I would not have vaccinated my children but thankfully, it was only around 10 before entering school but it is now recommended to have 26 before their first birthday. Having grandchildren increased my desire to educate myself and others before it is too late.

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