Where to Get Vitamins and Supplements

Emerson_300dpiDr Paul and Integrative Pediatrics, along with Natura Integrative Medicine, have established a discount arrangement with Emerson Ecologics to provide access to the  vitamins and supplements of over 275 companies.  Most of the supplements we carry at the office are available through them as well. By the time you pay for shipping however, it may be less expensive to get most of what you need at our office.  This option does however give you a way to find anything you may need for your nutritional supplementation, homeopathic, and herbal remedy needs.  

Here in the Portland Oregon area, I have also found New Seasons to carry a great variety of quality supplements and vitamins.

Remember, if you are my patient, you should consult with me about everything you are taking. Sometimes there can be challenges with doses or there may be certain supplements that would not be advisable for your child.  I recommend everyone get guidance from a knowledgeable health care provider before taking vitamins and supplements. If you are taking supplements, be especially aware of the total amount of vitamin A in your diet.  Vitamin A is fat soluble, can accumulate and be toxic.  This one vitamin in particular will cause major health problems if taken in amounts that exceed RDA (Recommended daily allowance).  You can, however, take more than RDA if, and only if, it is in the form of beta carotene.

In our office we carry the most commonly needed vitamins and supplements. If you have had nutrient testing and there are vitamins, minerals, or other needs identified that we don’t carry at the office, please log onto the Emerson Ecologics site using our link for a 15% discount. You want to use the patient access code of IPL123 when setting up your account to take full advantage of the discount pricing. The link to the online store is on our main web page (left bottom) at www.drpaul.md or simply click here to be taken to the site.


Dr. Paul

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