Which Organic Formula Is Best?

formulaThe winner is…… Baby’s Only Organic from Nature’s One.  Thanks Charlotte Vallaeys for your research. Visit her website here… 

The competition: Bright Beginnings, Earth’s Best, Parent’s Choice, Similac Organic and Vermont Organics


The reason Baby’s Only from Nature’s One is the best is as follows:

1. Sweetened with organic brown rice tested for lack of arsenic. The competition basically is using corn syrup solids- yuk!

2. Avoids palm oil which forms “soaps” in baby’s GI track. The competition (except Similac) all use palm oil.

3. DHA and ARA are water extracted.  The competition uses neurotoxic solvents (hexane) to extract the DHA & ARA. 

4. No Carrageenan (causes inflammation in the gut, put in so you don’t have to shake the formula to mix). Earth’s Best and Similac Organic ready to feed have carrageenan, a substance banned in Europe for all formula’s.

5. No synthetic preservatives (ascorbic palmitate and beta-carotene). The competition has these.

6. No synthetic nutrients (lutein, lycopene, nucleotides, taurine, l-carnitine, l-methionine) Similac organic has these (prohibited in Europe).

Breast Feeding offers benefits to your baby that even the best of organic formula cannot match.  Even if you struggle with low supply, I encourage you to keep breast feeding or pumping and giving your breast milk to your baby. 

If you must use a formula, Baby’s Only from Nature’s One seems to have multiple advantages over the competition.  This company does not want to discourage breast feeding, so the can might say “not for under age one” but this formula is nutritionally complete for newborns and infants.


Dr. Paul

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  • New mother

    Thanks for summarizing Charlotte Vallaeys blog post about the best organic formula. I am a mother of a 6 day old and working myself through Charlotte’s VERY long (but of course very informative) blog post seemed like a taunting (and time consuming) task

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