Oregon’s New Immunization Law- School Exclusions and Your Options

OregonFlagThe new Oregon law requiring full immunizations to attend school and removing the “religious exemption” goes into effect March 1st. The State is contacting families with 22 month olds who do not have all the required vaccines, and kindergarten students who are not up to date or have not had the second MMR.  In addition, schools are notifying parents that their child will be excluded from school if they are not up to date on the “required vaccines”.  

DON’T PANIC.  You do have rights as a parent to make informed decisions about your child’s vaccine schedule. Less than 1% of moms have Hepatitis B, and thus more than 99% of babies and young children do not need this vaccine at this time, and in my opinion should not get the hepatitis B vaccine, with it’s toxic dose of 250 micrograms of aluminum, until preteen or teens.  The vaccine isn’t even providing lasting immunity for most children, such that when they are in their teens or early 20’s and need the protection (sex and IV drug use is how one catches Hepatitis B) they will no longer have the protection they need. 

Up until March 1st. you can use the old “religious exemption form” [Click Here] by checking off the vaccines you are declining and signing both the box and the bottom of the form.  This will likely be adequate until the fall when the new round of exclusions will take place.  This is advice is intended for my parents who have had extensive discussions about the pros and cons of vaccines and who understand the risks and benefits and are making an informed choice.  It is not intended as a way to simply avoid vaccinations.  Vaccines are very important in the overall program of health, wellness, and disease prevention. You need to be very aware of the risks involved if you choose not to do a particular vaccine. 

After March 1st. there is supposed to be a video made by the State that parents will be required to watch and at the end of the video there will be a link to a form you can then sign to get an exclusion.  I cannot comment on the video as it is not yet available. For information on vaccines in general, please search www.drpaulvideos.com where YouTube videos and blogs on the topic are available with links to both pro-vaccine and balanced or controversial web sites. 

There is no reason your child should be excluded from school if you have either filled the religious exemption form, or followed the new State requirements of watching the video and signing the form once it is made available.  Until that is made available, it should be illegal for schools to enforce a law that does not provide the provision (video and exclusion form) that is stated in the law itself.  I will post a new blog as soon as the state video is up.

Here is a link to the OPB interview a parent and I just did [Click Here]. A YouTube video of the entire interview will be posted soon. To subscribe to my videos, please click [here]. To subscribe to my blogs so you don’t miss important updates, click [here].


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