Maternal Immune Activation While Pregnant Increases Risk of Autism and Schizophrenia- Thought: Don’t get vaccines while pregnant!

baby brain The following study adds new but vital knowledge to the issue of things that happen while pregnant that can have harmful effects on your unborn child.  We know not to eat too much fish while pregnant because it is high in mercury and pesticides.  We know not to drink alcohol or smoke while pregnant because it gives direct toxicity to your unborn child. We know there are numerous medications you should not take while pregnant, so what about getting vaccines while pregnant?  The vaccine manufacturers and the bodies that make vaccine recommendations have in the past not encouraged giving vaccines to pregnant moms, especially the live virus vaccines. 

In the recent past, we have had a push for pregnant moms to get the flu shot.  This was pushed hard after the N1H1 scare where there was an increased death rate for pregnant moms.  Starting in 2012, there has been the recommendation to give pregnant moms the Tdap, with the thinking being that the newborn would be born with better antibodies against pertussis. There is no question that newborns of mom’s given the Tdap would be born with higher levels of antibodies against pertussis.  The problem I have with vaccinating pregnant moms with the Tdap is the 330 micrograms of aluminum in that vaccine.  I can find no (I mean ZERO) study, even on animals, where that amount of the neurotoxin aluminum is injected into pregnant moms or animals.

This important study now shows a different mechanism where the activation of the immune system in pregnant moms leads to higher rates of autism and schizophrenia.

It’s time to JUST SAY NO to vaccines while you are pregnant.  To protect your newborn from pertussis, all caregivers can get the Tdap.  Pregnant moms, consider waiting and getting the Tdap right AFTER the baby is born.

The Journal of Neuroscience article outlines how MHCI levels on the surface of young cortical neurons in offspring are altered by maternal immune activation. The research, “MHCI Requires MEF2 Transcription Factors to Negatively Regulate Synapse Density” shows that high MHCI levels impaired the ability of the neurons from the newborn mice’s brains to form synapses.  Researcher McAllister said, “These results indicate that maternal immune activation does indeed alter connectivity during prenatal development, causing a profound deficit in the ability of cortical neurons to form synapses that is caused by changes in levels of MHCI on the neurons”.

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