What to Drink When Pregnant: Be Forewarned- Your OB Doctor May Tell You it’s OK to Drink While Pregnant

pregoThis study shows a very limited, hardly statistical benefit to light drinking (two small drinks a week) to reading and special skills in 7 year old boys.  All other groups and scores were not statistically significant in this study of 10,000 7 year olds.  

I think this is a case of looking at enough variables and you’ll find something.  I also know that there are numerous studies on the dangers of alcohol on brain development, and indeed, no safe amount of alcohol has been found.  I am aware that alcohol in small amounts protects the brain from the damaging effects of aspartame, preventing the methanol that comes from the aspartame from becoming formaldehyde, which is a huge toxin to brain development.

My suggestion for what to drink while pregnant:  purified water, home made fruit juices, and pasteurized milk if you can tolerate dairy.  Avoid all alcohol, caffeine, and diet drinks for sure!

Read the study here…


Dr. Paul


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