Do You Have a Right to Health Care? Should You?

healthcare_piggybankOur country seems to get polarized over the issue of whether or not all of our citizens should get health care. It is not in our constitution that this should be a right.  Of course when our constitution was written, there was no health care system available at all so it was not on the radar.  Should this be a right of citizenship or a right of being in this wonderful country of ours?

The July issue of the journal Global Public Health, found that 72 United Nations member countries (38%) guaranteed the right to medical care services, while 27 (14%) aspired to protect this right in 2011.  Guaranteed public health was only in 27 countries (14%). 

When it comes to children, you know that they don’t have a say in which family or circumstance they are born into.  Would it not make sense to have some basic health care available to all children?  Oregon has been a pioneer in this aspect.  Our country should do the same.  We champion human rights around the world, yet in our own country, we lag in this very basic human right- the right to basic health care.  What we end up doing is providing this care in emergency rooms, where they are not allowed to turn people away.  In reality, then we do provide some basic care, but it’s on the wrong end of the disease spectrum.  Good health care can keep the population healthy and doing this will reduce the waste and disaster care that the emergency rooms around the country end up dealing with.

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