Are Those Silver (Mercury) Fillings in Your Mouth Safe?

mercury fillingsThanks Dr Mercola for this review of the problem (see interview with Dr Brown and Dr Mercola here).

In 2010, the FDA said, “Stop putting amalgam in children and pregnant women”. We still do not have a firm decision that will stop this crazy, hundred year old practice of intentionally poisoning children by placing the potent neurotoxin, mercury, right into children’s teeth where the mercury vapors are released for years when children chew or drink hot liquids. Canada, Australia, and all of Europe have said that children should not get amalgams, and Britain has said that pregnant women should not get amalgams. Our FDA has said, “We don’t know if amalgam is safe for children or not”, however they still allow it’s use.  The American Dental Association (ADA) still allows and protects the use of these mercury fillings and they continue to allow them to be marketed as “silver fillings”.

Well, you need not wait any longer.  Never get “silver” mercury amalgam fillings while you are pregnant, and don’t get them removed while you are pregnant either. The greatest exposure occurs during the placement or removal of mercury amalgams (fillings). Since they should certainly be banned in children and pregnant women, I would never get these fillings, and you may want to have them safely removed by a biologic dentist who knows how to do this safely. Safe removal requires a dam so you don’t accidentally swallow any of the mercury, and a strong vacuum to remove vapors while the removal takes place.  I had my own and those of my children removed a decade ago, and for my two children with the most neurological/educational/behavioral challenges, there were obvious improvements in the areas of fine motor skills and focus.

Ten years ago it was difficult to find dentists who would only use non-mercury fillings for children.  Thankfully, this is changing. Do not allow your dentist to put these toxins in your child’s mouth.  If your dentist is trying to talk you into putting these in your child’s teeth, it is time to find a new dentist. Any responsible dentist today will stop putting mercury into teeth, and thus into the environment.  Children of Europe no longer get mercury in their mouths. Join them and protect your children if our government and the ADA won’t do it.


Dr. Paul

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