New Immunization Rules for School Attendance in Oregon- Effective March 1st, 2014

Vaccine4The recent law is removing the religious exemption in Oregon.  Parents who do NOT want to do all the recommended immunizations on the schedule required for school attendance will have two ways to keep their child in school, if they don’t want to get all the vaccines done:  



  1. Watch and document that you have watched a video being created by the State to educate you on the benefits of vaccines and risks of not vaccinating.
  2. Get a signed document from your physician that they have educated you on the risks of not vaccinating and the benefits of vaccines.

I will be encouraging all my patients to use option 1.  I am typically supportive of your choices and we typically have had extensive talks about the pros and cons of each vaccine for your child. However, the State is placing us doctors in a very difficult spot.  Here is what they are saying we can say:

(12) Evidence of nonmedical exemption must include documentation that the parent has completed a vaccine educational module approved by the Public Health Division or signature from a health care practitioner verifying that risks and benefits of immunization have been discussed with the parent. Information provided must be consistent with information published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including epidemiology, the prevention of disease through use of vaccination, and the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

As you can see, the ruling ties the hands of physicians to say only what they, the State, want physicians to say about vaccines.  For this reason, it becomes legally impossible to have an honest discussion about risks that some vaccines have without seeming to contradict the teachings of the CDC and the Oregon State Medical Officer who would review such cases.  

I believe in individual vaccination schedules for your child, not one size fits all. But this does not fit in with the state law as written.  I will continue to share all the evidence that favors vaccination and the evidence that would suggest a different schedule for your child.  Your child deserves the best use of all of the evidence. If you need further discussion on these topics, this is something we do at all the well child visits here at Integrative Pediatrics LLC.  

View the OAR School Immunization Rules Here (it’s big)

Dr. Paul


  • Margaret albertson

    Get your chiropractors together ,they can help . Homeschool your children they will be smarter and won’t be sick.

  • Kristian Foden-Vencil

    Hi Doctor,
    I’m a reporter with Oregon Public Broadcasting.
    Would you have quarter of an hour to talk to me about this on tape?
    I sent an e-mail ( to your office and left a phone call (503 293 1977.)
    Please get back in touch.
    All the best.
    Kristian Foden-Vencil

  • Question: Can we take the exemption, but get our child vaccinated on a schedule different than the CDC recommends, or vaccinate for selected things? For example, dTap but not Chickenpox?

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