BPA Exposures Explained- Much Higher Than Thought When Oral Exposures Considered

toy phoneBPA is one of the known bad plastics for our health. It has previously been studied by looking at the doses tolerated when placed into the stomachs of test animals. That BPA (placed in the stomach) undergoes processing by the liver, before entering the blood stream, and very little of it actually enters the blood stream.  This article shows that while the amount reaching the blood stream from BPA placed directly in the stomach is 1:237 to 1:634, the BPA reaching the blood from sublingual (under the tongue) is 1:1 to 1:13.

Babies suck on bottles, use plastic coated spoons, suck on pacifiers and toys, and may eat off plastic ware, plates, etc.  The sublingual route of exposure is a large exposure, especially for babies. So many of the convenience packaging pouches, bottles, etc. are made of plastics and thus some of the BPA and other dangerous plastics can reach your child’s mouth and be absorbed directly into the blood stream, bypassing the protective liver.

This study is a wake-up call to us all and should prompt us to avoid all plastics when it comes to food storage, drinking, and eating utensils, etc.

Read the study here…

Dr. Paul


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