Influenza in the Portland Area- An Update January 6, 2014

influenza_germWe are starting to see many cases of the real flu (influenza). In the past 2 weeks, we have had 7 rapid Influenza Type A positive nose swabs at Integrative Pediatrics. The Oregon State lab confirmed 47 positives the last week of December. This number is a small fraction of the actual cases as many doctors and clinics are now doing on-site rapid tests as we do at Integrative Pediatrics.

This year, the flu seems to be more severe than the past couple years.  Children and parents are describing high fevers, body aches, head aches, stomach aches, cough, and sometimes a sore throat with a decreased appetite.  

We are also starting to see our first cases of RSV (Respiratory Syncitial Virus) which causes bronchiolitis in infants (severe cough and wheeze). See my YouTube video on this here.  

We are ordering one box at a time of the flu vaccines for those patients who still want to get the flu shot.  If we are out, get on a waiting list and we will have the vaccine for you within a week.  Parents and children over 11 can get the vaccine at pharmacies, just make sure you are getting the single dose thimerosal-free vaccine if you do go to a pharmacy.  We have been administering the vaccine that covers all 4 high risk strains this year.  Many vaccines are only covering 3 strains. 

Find the latest influenza information for the state of Oregon here…


Dr. Paul

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