• As always, thank you so much for sharing some insight. I’ve been feeling guilty about NOT getting a flu shot while pregnant. So many difficult choices to make when it comes to parenting!! Hope all is well with you. Baby will be here any day, and I’m sure s/he is excited to meet you.

  • Paul Thomas, M.D.

    It’s easy to find information that is both in favor of flu shots (efficacy) and showing no benefit. The truth is for some it is life saving and for some it seems not to provide any protection. Epidemics are also local. I’m around this flu all day (pediatrician in a busy clinic which has had over 10 positive rapid influenza A tests the past 2 weeks), and so far have not become ill. We are experiencing the beginning of a bad flu season here in Portland, Oregon. A few deaths already, and while I’m not in any way saying that getting the flu vaccine will prevent more deaths, it might. In the early phases of a really bad flu season, it just might make sense to get yourself some protection (even if that portection isn’t perfect and even if the data isn’t conclusive). Death is just so final…..

    Dr. Paul

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