Finally, Proof That It’s Dad and Grandma’s Fault Your Child is the Way They Are!

grandmaMoms always seem to get the brunt of responsibility for how children turn out.  Did you smoke or drink or use drugs while you were pregnant?  Did you eat well? Did you have low stress and a loving, supportive environment? Did you avoid fish?  Did you eat organic and avoid plastics? Did you take your prenatal and get good prenatal care?

These are all important.

Well finally, it is dad’s time to pay attention.  This study (granted it’s in mice) shows that stress in the father can change the stress response in their offspring. 
Perhaps better yet, we can now put some of the blame on grandma!  It seems that epigenetic mechanisms can transfer stress response in such a way that grandmas that have had a very stressful life prior to having their children, may have passed on (epigenetics) less than favorable stress responses to their children that then can be passed on to the next generation.

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This was a silly blog.  I couldn’t resist.  The important thing in this toxic world we live in is to do as much as you possibly can to reduce toxins, get great nutrients, and live as stress-free and happy a life as you can.  Be kind and loving. There is this universal law that we get what we give.  It may not always happen in our time, but it seems to always play out that way.


Dr. Paul


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