Study on Genetic Links and Autism- Here we go again!

geneticsEverything is genetic right?  If you learn that your condition (be it your intelligence, your future obesity, or chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, autism, ADHD, depression, MS, Alzheimer’s, etc.) is genetically based do you feel hopeless?  Do you feel tempted to think there is nothing you can do about it? WELL DON’T! Be prepared for a tidal wave of studies like this one.  The reason is, this is relatively easy research to do. Much of the research money is being directed to this research by governments and by industry as they hope to find ways to make drugs to help these conditions.

I’m not against the research, nor the development of helpful drugs. What I do hope however is that we get more research looking at how these genetic manifestations make us vulnerable to the toxins in our world that are the real reason we are seeing all these medical issues. In many ways, a study like this study (link below) published online in the American Journal of Human Genetics, is just describing the full genome of these families.  They studied 99 individuals.  Of these, there were 3 members of one family that served as the control.  Clearly one family as a control is not an adequate control group. I suspect in time many of these “genetic risk variants” will turn up to have overlapped with half the population, and they will ultimately be found to be associated with many of the diseases of modern society. It is my understanding that most of the illness and suffering we are experiencing is related to toxins in our environment (food, water, air, vaccines, household products, personal care products).

What can you do to have healthy kids?  Start before you get pregnant, eating organic and getting a health evaluation looking at nutrient deficiencies and food sensitivities.  Get healthy yourself, and then do everything in your power to minimize toxins in the water and food you ingest and to minimize injected toxins in the vaccines you give your children. Do not expect most mainstream doctors to know what we are talking about.  They are busy looking at studies for genetic links to blame, and medications to treat the symptoms once you or your child is ill.  Why not prevent the illness to begin with?


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Dr Paul


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