Neural Tube Defects from Mercury Exposure- A Study in China

MercuryWorldThe role of heavy metals in neurotoxicity is well known and this study (link below), is just another example of the incredible toxicity, in this case mercury has on the developing brain. Notice that the toxicity occurred at 2.19 to 2.44 nanograms/gram and the controls had an average level of 1.1 ng/g in their placentas. 

Back when we had mercury in vaccines (we still do in the multidose flu shot) most of the vaccines had 25 micrograms or 25,000 nanograms.  Is it any wonder we saw neurotoxicity in our children being injected with multiples of these toxin containing vaccines.

I am not against vaccines, but aluminum (added to vaccines as an adjuvant to boost the immune response) is a known neurotoxin and the levels in many vaccines is in the 125-330 micrograms per dose. The thought that the new recommendation is to inject the Tdap with its 330 micrograms or 330,000 nanograms of aluminum into pregnant moms is simply beyond comprehension.  It defies all logic and common sense and yet the ACIP, CDC, and AAP are all making this recommendation and OB-GYN doctors around the country are pressuring pregnant moms to get this toxic dose of aluminum in the name of preventing pertussis in newborns.  I hardly think poisoning every single baby (40 million births in the USA) to prevent a few deaths from pertussis makes any sense at all.

Sure you’ll hear, “tell that to the parent who looses their child to pertussis”,  and I would respond that any death is tragic but what do you tell all the parents of autistic, anxious, ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, depression, lowered IQ, allergy, asthma, and language and developmental delays kids, who likely have suffered poisoning by a known poison that was avoidable. How can we possibly justify poisoning every single child to possibly save a few?


 Read the Chinese Study Here…

Dr. Paul



  • Leenie

    Dear Dr Paul,
    What about pregnant women getting the mercury free flu shot?
    Does that shot contain aluminum at high levels?
    Thank you,

  • Chris


    This article started off about mercury poisoning and quickly changed into a post about aluminium in vaccines. Thought that was a bit strange.

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