Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant (and even before getting pregnant) Affects Your Child’s Brain

Preg DrinkingIf you are a parent and you drank alcohol during your pregnancy, what’s done is done and no sense in beating yourself up at this point. However, I urge you to read on so you might do things differently if you are still in the child bearing age and might have another child.  There is always the debate of how much if any alcohol is OK during pregnancy.  This study (and many others) would suggest that it just isn’t worth taking the risk. If you are going to be pregnant or trying to get pregnant, do your future child a favor and just don’t drink alcohol or take any drugs (recreational or prescribed) unless they are prescriptions essential for your own health.  Those with prescriptions, ask your physician if the prescription is safe during pregnancy and whether or not there is a safer alternative.

The study (link below) has found that ethanol while pregnant, can affect cyclin-dependent kinase 5 and its activator p35 in the hippocampus. It is proposed that this is an important mechanism for synaptic plasticity which means how the brain adapts and learns and stores information.  The study found that ethanol exposed rats (exposed when they were in the womb) as adults took almost twice as long to learn new things as unexposed rats.

For most of us (non-research types) suffice it to say that the take home message is that alcohol is a terrible idea if you are pregnant or might become pregnant. Dad’s, if you want your wife or lady to go 9 months without drinking, guess what you need to do?  That’s right, go 9 months without drinking.  The job of being a parent definitely needs to be a team effort, and the job of eating right and not drinking is so much easier if the whole family is on the same program.  Eat organic food, drink filtered water and take your prenatal vitamins and extra vitamin D3, up to 5000 IU a day for adults. 

Don’t be fooled by research that might lead you to think an occasional drink is OK.  A little poison is not better than ZERO poison!

Read the Full Study Here…


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