Thank You!

Thank yousThis Thanksgiving, Dr Paul and the entire staff at Integrative Pediatrics, Pediatric Urgent Care, Fair Start, and Natura Integrative Medicine want to thank you for trusting us and partnering with us in the health care for your family.  The health challenges we all face are becoming increasingly complex, the range of options for what to do seem endless.  We are grateful you are choosing to embrace a wellness approach to care that is patient-centered and that empowers you to be active in your health and wellness. 

It does mater what vaccines you give and when, and not just following the entire schedule blindly without consideration for the toxins in the vaccines and the need for them in your given child. Your choice to eat and drink healthy, avoiding pesticides and toxins like aspartame in diet drinks and certain foods, and focusing on real food (vegetables, fruit, nuts, legumes, meat, and fish) instead of fast food or processed foods in a bag or box will pay huge dividends in the future health of your children and family.  When things do go wrong, your willingness to look for the root cause of those health troubles, looking for food sensitivities or nutrient deficiencies has most often made all the difference. 

We are humbled by this experience of caring for you and learning together how best to navigate the health challenges that confront us all in this industrialized modern world.  

We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and a year to come of new and rewarding opportunities and improved health and wellness for you.



Dr. Paul

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