Kids, eat your eggs- it does NOT raise your cholesterol!

Eating eggs is NOT linked to high cholesterol in adolescents. What, you say? That’s now what I’ve been told all my life! The study is large, part of the European study HELENA involving nine countries. They have shown that eating more eggs is not linked to higher cholesterol or to worse cardiovascular disease in adolescents, regardless of physical activity.
This actually makes total sense. The cholesterol in our blood is primarily produced by the liver. The developing brain needs cholesterol for normal functions, and cholesterol is the main precursor for all our sex (steroid) hormones. Cholesterol is not the enemy is has been made out to be. The real health challenge for the 21st century is insulin resistance, brought on by the processed foods (refined flour, sugar, and artificial sweeteners). Saturated fats are also worse for you than healthier fats.
Eggs are high in protein, B vitamins including folate, and provides 200 mg cholesterol, but fats are mostly unsaturated, and it only 70 calories. The study supports children eating up to 7 eggs a week. Since 1973, when the American Heart Association recommended we limit our egg intake to 3 a week, this myth has continued. It’s time to get away from processed cereals and get breakfast right for our children.
I recommend breakfast consist of steel cut oats some days and eggs others. Add fruit daily, vegetables to the egg scramble, and other sources of protein and nutrients like some nut butters. If you offer bread at all, make sure it is whole grain. Many of us should not be eating gluten, so bread really should be avoided. While there are gluten-free options, they tend to still have the refined flours we are trying to avoid. If you can tolerate dairy, a naturally fermented organic yogurt is a good addition to breakfast.

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