Where to get Information on GMO Foods

gmo tomSo what’s wrong with GM foods anyway?

Geese won’t eat the GM soy, preferring natural beans. (Illinois farmer, when he tried the Round-Up ready soy beans)

Cows won’t eat the Bt-corn if given the choice of natural corn. (Nebraska, Montana, and South Dakota farmers)

Hogs won’t eat the Bt-corn if given the option for natural corn (6 farms in Iowa)

Squirrels, Elk, Deer, Raccoons, and Mice all choose natural corn over Bt-corn

Rats refused to eat the FlavrSavr tomatoes, and when force fed seven of forty died within 2 weeks. (this is the first GM tomato FDA approved)

Chickens fed GM corn in Britain died twice as fast as those on natural corn


So why is it that we are eating these poisonous foods?

Health risks of genetically modified foods

Read the book: Seeds of Deception by Jeffery Smith

Watch the movie: Genetic Roulette

Some Ideas on What you Can do to Reduce your Family’s Exposure To GMO


Dr. Paul

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