Measles Cases on the Rise in US- Do you Panic?

sad-eyesScience daily writes that prior to the MMR vaccine, hundreds of those infected would die. They point out that this illness was believed to had been eradicated in the USA in 2000, but is not on the rise according to the CDC. 

Dr Kimberlin of the University of Alabama, with AAP and ACIP ties, says “it’s heart breaking to watch something happen that is completely preventable”.  The CDC has reported 159 cases between January 1 and August 24th, 2013, with 82% being in unvaccinated persons and 9% in persons with unknown vaccination status. Ninety-nine (99) % were import-related, suggesting only one or two cases were acquired here in the USA, from a case acquired here, hardly an epidemic.  

We had our own scare here in Portland two months ago, when a visitor to town had the measles and was all over the metro area for three days.  In my knowledge no one was infected, as it has been well over a month since that scare and no new reports. I wonder if Dr Kimberlin is as heart broken about the cases of autism where the family is 100% certain that their normal 1-2 year old regressed into autism just after the MMR vaccine?  Of course he would quote the study that “proved no link” and quote the negative media that wrongly accused Dr Wakefield of wrong-doing for publishing an article that “suggested there might be a link between the MMR vaccine and autism”.  

I suggest that parents weigh the real risks of measles (1-2 cases out of over 300 million in the USA) compared to the risk of autism (now quoted at 1/50 to 1/88) and then make an educated decision that is not based on fear and misinformation.  Even counting every single case of measles in the US this year (remember almost all were imported) you have a measles rate here of one in 2 million people.

Science Daily Article

Measles Cases on the Rise in US

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