Electronic Cigarettes- Do They Help?

ecigarette2Smoking tobacco is perhaps one of the most dangerous health choices one can make.  In addition to hundreds of carcinogens in tobacco smoke, it is also one of the leading sources of methanol (aspartame being the No. 1 source of methanol). Methanol is converted in our bodies to formaldehyde which is a huge toxin and can stimulate our bodies to attack themselves (autoimmune).

There is an ongoing trial in Australia comparing the efficacy of electronic cigarettes to that of the nicotine patches.  One thing for sure is that they (electronic cigarettes) are a valuable tool and they get rid of the methanol and tars with all their carcinogens that come from tobacco smoke.  You are still addicted to the nicotine, but I would take that any day compared to the terrible health consequences of tobacco.  

Studies are just beginning to show that this can be a valuable aid for those attempting to quit smoking. I encourage you to find some form of nicotine replacement (gum, patches, electronic cigarettes, etc.) if you are unable to quit without that help.  If that fails, see your doctor about other options.  There is no better gift to your loved ones than getting tobacco out of your life, and the freedom from the grips of big tobacco is worth it just because no one should have that much power over your behavior.

Italian Study on E-Cigarettes

United Kingdom Study on E-Cigarette Effects


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  • I totally agree that these are great tools if you’re wanting to quit smoking … However, from what I’m seeing on Facebook, there’s an entire culture of vapes (people who use these) that are in it for the ‘cool’ factor. They’re modifying the smoking piece, and it’s this huge movement. I worry that it’s just another crutch, but I’m not addicted to smoking, so who knows!

  • Thanks for your comment. I agree 100% that one should not use these electronic cigarettes if they are not already hooked on tobacco. They are not totally safe and in fact they are so new we really don’t know all the health hazards that will likely be found once they are around for a decade or two. I also worry that they will be a gateway to tobacco cigarettes for many. It’s an easy transition once you’ve been puffing on an electronic cigarette to buy and smoke the real thing. I think they should be banned in public places – just as ciagettes are until we know the full safety profile on these devices.

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