Healthy Fruits and Vegetables More Affordable Than Junk Food Alternatives

Vibrant ProduceToo often I hear that “I just cannot afford to buy healthy food” as the reason that parents are making poor food choices.  

The single most important choice we can make for our children is to buy fruits and vegetables over junk food.  The link below reviews ways in which fruits and vegetables can actually save you money and certainly will improve the health of your family.

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Dr. Paul



  • Yes! That and not eating out (whether that be a sit-down restaurant or a drive-thru). Besides, it tastes better to make your food at home!

  • Thanks for your input. Cooking at home seems to be a lost art for too many families and eating out is a guaranteed way to put unwanted things inour bodies. Restaurants and fast food establishments typically purchase the cheapest ingredients, not organic, count on getting MSG (even if advertised that they don’t use it – they use spices and sauces that have “natural flavors” – code for MSG.) If yolu eat corn or soy – you will be eating GMO foods with significantly reduced nutrient value.

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