5 Myths About GMO Foods Debunked

5 Myths that GMO companies like MONSANTO perpetuate:

1.  Labeling GMO is a bad idea– We know it is our right to know what we are eating, just as other labeling laws require ingredients on food labels.

2.  No difference between genetic engineering and traditional breeding techniques- Conventions breeds same species. GMO blasts different species genes together.

3.  No scientific proof of adverse health effects- In reality, the FDA doesn’t test.  Reduced fertility, immune system dysfunction, increased cancer, obesity, cancer known.

4.  GMO’s reduce pesticide use-  Actually farmers have had to buy more not less pesticides (183 million Kg increase use past 15 years).

5.  GMO’s feed more people-  Not so. Organic farming shown to increase yield by over 100%. 


Dr. Paul

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