Arsenic in Apple Juice- New FDA Limits

appleThe FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has recently proposed an action level of 10 ppb (parts per billion) advising consumers not to come into contact with apple juice with arsenic above 10 ppb. In 2006, the FDA had lowered the safe limit for drinking water from 50 to 10 ppb, but no such limit existed for fruit juices.  Do you think getting your arsenic from fruit juice is somehow safer than getting it from water?  I think not. You might be asking how common is it for apple juice to have over 10 ppb arsenic?  In a previous article (link below) an investigation found more than a quarter of 18 samples of juices contained between 25 and 35 ppb. Motts Apple, Eve Organics, and Walmart’s Great Value label had between 25 and 35 ppb arsenic, and Nestle’s Juicy Juice, Minute Maid, Tree Top, and Target’s Market Pantry had between 12 and 24 ppb.  A study at University of Arizona found 9 of 10 samples of apple and grape juice contained between 10 and 47 ppb arsenic. 

Clearly, juice, and apple juice in particular, should be avoided unless you have assurances that it is tested and guaranteed low in this highly toxic chemical- arsenic.  Where does this arsenic in juice come from? While arsenic is a natural element in soil which explains in part why it can be found in various levels in ground water, pesticides are often high in arsenic which is likely the major source. 

I recommend that you not drink store juice period.  Use organic produce to make your own juice, or better yet, eat the organic fruit whole and skip juice all together. 

Why FDA Proposes an ‘Action Level’ for Arsenic in Apple Juice

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