Micronutrient Testing and Supplementation Gets 62% of Patients with Hypertension Off Their Medications in 6 Months

Vibrant ProduceWhat if most patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) could get well and no longer need medications? Dr Houston at the Hypertension Institute in Nashville, TN, published work  in the June 2010 journal “Therapeutic Advances in Cardiovascular Disease”, on “The role of cellular micronutrient analysis, nutraceuticals, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals in the prevention and treatment of hypertension and cardiovascular disease”.  

In their work those who replaced micronutrient deficiencies, and high dose therapy of selected nutraceuticals in combination with optimal diet, exercise, and weight management,  achieved goal levels of blood pressure in 62% of the hypertensive population in 6 months. This allowed them to completely taper off their medications.

These health benefits extend to reduced stroke and heart attacks, as well as ending organ damage and improving quality of life.  These same nutrient benefits can help virtually all chronic diseases, as there is a common link between nutritional deficiencies and impaired methylation, which affects the body’s ability to get toxins out of the body, proper reading of our genetic code, and proper enzyme and neurotransmitter functions. 

I recommend to anyone suffering from any disorder to get Spectracell Micronutrient testing and then optimize cellular function by replacing those nutrients that are below optimal levels.  Watch the return of your health to youthful energy and vitality.

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